Publicly accessible Lights Seeing The Light

A list of light stations which are open to the public Back

I have attempted to make this list as comprehensive as possible. Please feel free to contact me if you are aware of any omissions or changes in status with any of these stations.
Lake Huron
Fort Gratiot
Pointe Aux Barques
Charity Island
Tawas Point
Sturgeon Point
Middle Island
Presque Isle (Old & New lights)
Forty Mile Point
Cheboygan River Front Range
Cheboygan Crib1

Lake Michigan
Old Mackinac Point
Beaver Island
Old Mission (Opened 2008)
Grand Traverse
South Manitou
Big Point Sable
Ludington Pierhead (Opened 2007)
Little Point Sable (Opened 2007)
White River
Michigan City
Grosse Pointe
Kenosha Southport

Two Rivers Pierhead
Cana Island
Eagle Bluff
Sand Point
Seul Choix

Lake Superior
Point Iroquois
Whitefish Point
Crisp Point
Big Bay
Copper Harbor
Eagle Harbor
Sand Hills
Raspberry Island
Sand Island
Outer Island
Devils Island
Michigan Island
Two Harbors
Split Rock
Rock Harbor

1 GLLKA Volunteers working at the Cheboygan Front Range Light will be happy to take you on a tour of this lighthouse. 

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