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I created, and continue to maintain this website in the hope that the information contained will be entertaining and useful. I really enjoy receiving your emails, as it lets me know my time is not wasted.

Here are some of the more intriguing emails I have received over the past couple of years:

I just found "The Wabash and Erie Canal through Huntington County, Indiana" and even though I haven't read it all, I am very impressed. According to family history my third great grandfather worked on the Erie canal and drowned in it trying to save his horses. The family had immigrated from England in 1828 and were in Yates County, New York in the 1835 census. I spent lots of time trying to find some record of him in Erie canal records in NY before I realized the family had moved to Huntington, Indiana and he had drowned in the Wabash/Erie Canal. Received 2/10/98

I happened across your website today at work and thought I'd tell you how much I enjoyed reading it, and the pictures too. My family's farm is located three miles north of Andrews. They purchased the land in 1869 from the Canal Land Authority and it has stayed in our family ever since. Therefore, while reading your article, I imagined that my family most likely arrived there via the canal itself. Received 4/4/97

I was enchanted by your history of Port Mahon & the Mahon brothers. My own maiden name is Mahon, and I believe my ancestors migrated here to Australia. I expect you often have other Mahons surfing in. If you are ever able to put me in contact with long-lost cousins I would be most grateful. Received 4/14/97

I have really enjoyed the Vermilyea page. Jesse's father and my GG grandfather were brothers. I am now Historian for the Vermilyea Family Association and would like your permission to include excerpts from the Jesse Vermilyea story in our "Vermilyea Family" genealogy. The book is to be ready to distribute at our family reunion in June. There will be approximately 100 copies published privately by me. The book will not be marketed to the public. Thank you for your consideration. Received 2/15/98

Thanks for all the info. I have a 4th grader at Roanoke Elementary School who was searching for information on Indiana pioneers of the 1800's. We found all the info at your site.Received 2/17/98

For a long time I have been interested in learning more about the Wabash-Erie Canal but have not had much luck on finding good historical information. Then I came upon your web page! Wow, it is just great! I am slowly working my way through it and finding it very interesting.

I grew up in Woodburn, Indiana and was told ,as a boy, that the large/wide ditches along US 24 were the remains of the canal. It always fascinated me. Then for 8 years we lived in Wabash, IN and became acquainted with some friends who live in Lagro and whose house set either on or next to the canal. In fact, one of the pictures you show on the Lagro page shows the backyard of his place. Then also several years ago a cousin of mine from Woodburn was behind an effort to save a canal lock that was discovered at US 24 when construction on 469 was taking place. Putting all these things together, I have found your page on the canal very interesting. Thanks so much. Received 3/20/98

I happened on the history of the canal by accident, and was absolutely fascinated by the history of the canal itself and the skill with which it was told. have you thought about a book? (maybe there is one already). I would buy it! it's too bad that we have so little regard for our own history. I say this while sitting in front of a device, which 40 years ago, would have been dismissed as a fairy tale. Anyway if you have time to respond to this message could you suggest a good book on the history of the canal. I find before and after" photos to be especially fascinating! Received 3/25/98
Thanks for the very informative and entertaining tour of the canal I enjoy reading as much Indiana history as I can find. I live in Monticello , and when I can find the time, I like to explore the Wabash between Logansport and Lafayette - trying to see it as it was before. Received 4/4/98

Saw your Wabash/Erie Canal site. It is a terrific site and you did a wonderful job on the history of this area. I am researching ancestors, the Sparks and McCarty families of Huntington county and your site helped in bringing the history alive. My gg-grandfather, Patrick McCarty, was one of the first families in Huntington (as mentioned in "The History of Allen County, Indiana 1880" along with the Helvys, Murrays and Moores". So, your site was of extreme interest to me. Received 6/7/98

Just a complimentary note. I was reading Robert Pirsig's "Lila" and he mentions the importance of the Erie Canal, and, being a native Los Angeleno and knowing nothing past hearing of it, I thought I'd go in search of more info, and I came across your site and felt compelled to say thanks for a pleasing, informative, and beautifully deigned website. Received 6/24/98

What great work!! Congratulations to everyone involved in this production. My g-g-grandfathers immigrated to Lagro, Indiana from Ireland to work the canal. One a carpenter, and the other a stone mason. In August this year I am going to Ireland to attend the annual reunion of one of my Irish families. It is my intention to present a slide show of the Lagro area and the canal in general. Received 07/01/98

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