The Wabash & Erie Canal through Huntington County, Indiana

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When we moved to Roanoke in Huntington County almost twenty years ago, I heard talk of an old canal that used to run through the Little River valley over which my house looks. Taking walks through the area, I looked for remnants of the old ditch, but could find nothing.

My interest piqued, I rummaged through libraries and museums from Fort Wayne to Wabash, and with time, began to discover that which I had been as yet unable to find.

I found the history of the Wabash and Erie Canal to be integral to the history of the State of Indiana. The coming of the canal brought people and goods, and the people built towns where before had only been swamp, forests and tall grass prairie.

The people are long-gone, as are many of their villages and towns, and in all ways the canal itself has crumbled and hidden itself from view. However, with perseverance, boots, and a generous supply of mosquito repellant, it can still be found and brought back to life, if only in our minds eye.

While the title of this website is "The Wabash & Erie Canal through Huntington County, Indiana," in reality my research starts at Vermilyea at the western edge of Allen County and ends in Lagro in Wabash County. Between the two points, the canal passed through both Huntington and Whitley Counties.



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